And I Feel Fine

I saw a story today on a morning “news” program about the new wave of survivalists that has sprung up in response to the current state of the economy.  Now I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person (actually probably more so).  Among my favorites are Apollo Moon Landing hoaxes, the Illuminati, and the Freemasons. I admit that I am tempted to buy into some of these theories, and frankly, I’m not really set on a line between fiction and reality.

But come on people, have a little faith in the machine.

These survivalists are stockpiling years’ worth of food in their homes in case the economy collapses, leaving the world in complete and utter chaos.  One family even had a year’s worth of water purification tablets so they could drink their swimming pool water.

I don’t have a lot of faith in humanity (individuals – yes, the collective – no) but the last thing that is going to cause a post-apocalyptic, Mad Maxian world to suddenly erupt is the economy.  Nuclear holocaust? Sure.  Giant meteor crashing into Earth? Maybe.[1] Global warming? Eventually.  But the economy?  Never.

If there’s one thing that triumphs over all, unites people (and by “people” I mean governments, multi-national corporations and global conglomerates) of all backgrounds, nationalities, and creeds, it’s money.  And the last thing that any of these powerful entities would let happen is to watch their bank accounts dwindle to nothing.  The rest of us just have to be a little bit more patient as we wait for the table scraps to fall, because despite their best efforts to marginalize us[2], “they” still need us to spend those scraps.

So actually, despite the fear and the dash of crazy that is driving these survivalists, they are doing their part in maintaining the economy by buying so much.  We poorer folk don’t have the luxury of going nuts.

I didn’t even know powdered milk was available for retail purchase in bulk.

[1] Though not on Bruce Willis’ watch.
[2] Or more accurately: their total disregard resulting in marginalization.

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