Finally, There’s a Benefit to Being a Woman


Ugh, did you know the iphone actually has a skeeball app?

I like playing skeeball.

Correction: I love playing skeeball.

This is a problem for at least two reasons. First, the arcade has gone by the wayside and it’s hard to find skeeball in a convenient location. Second, generally skeeball is found in places marketed toward children.

I don’t have children.

Nevertheless, I generally don’t have a problem going to family-oriented “fun” centers even though I don’t have children, and I realized something important the other day. It’s not creepy when I go to one of these places, because I’m a woman.  When a lone adult man is playing skeeball around a bunch of kids, it could possibly be seen as suspicious behavior. When a woman is playing skeeball around a bunch of kids, you assume that she is with one of the children – as a mother, an aunt, or a babysitter. I actually have a reason to be glad that I finally look old enough that I could potentially have children.

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